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Actual Umbrella Claims
When might you need Worldwide Coverage?
  • Insured on vacation with a friend and rented a boat. While driving it, they caused $1,250 damage to the engine. They did not buy the offered insurance and the Homeowners excluded the coverage. Our Umbrella paid $1,000 after the $250 deductible.
  • Insured on vacation and rented a car. While driving, they ran into a pedestrian and caused serious injuries. Coverage was excluded on the underlying policies. Our umbrella paid out $29,000.
  • Our insured was driving a rental car in the West Indies and was involved in an accident. Coverage is excluded by the underlying. The Umbrella paid $8,431 for damage to the rental car.
When might you need coverage for Care, Custody, and Control?
  • Our insured was driving his daughter-in-law’s boat and while backing it up, ran into the boat garage. Coverage was excluded on the underlying. Damage to the boat was $1,460. Umbrella paid $1,210 after the $250 deductible.
  • Insured’s daughter was driving a friend’s car while hers was in the shop. She did not know that the car was uninsured. She hit another vehicle and did $2,270 of damage to the car she was driving. Umbrella paid $2,020 in damages.
  • Our insured rented two snowmobiles, for himself and for his son. As they were crossing a frozen lake, our insured’s snowmobile went through the ice. In an attempt to help him out, the son’s snowmobile went through the ice too. Our Umbrella paid $1,982 for repairs to the snowmobiles.
  • Our insured rented a bike while vacationing in Hawaii. The bike was stolen and $490 was paid by the Umbrella policy.
When might you need coverage for the Auto exposure?
  • Our insured was driving an F250 truck and hit black ice, lost control, and rolled into a ditch. The passenger was ejected from the vehicle and had many injuries. The Umbrella has paid $1,600,000 so far on the claim.
  • Insured was in Florida with their motor home. While moving the motor home, the insured backed into three people. The Umbrella paid the full $1,000,000 limit.
  • Our insured was driving a motorcycle and while making a left turn, ran into another vehicle causing damage to both the motorcycle and the vehicle. Passenger in the vehicle was badly injured. The Umbrella paid $176,000.
  • Insured was waiting to make a left hand turn. Another vehicle was speeding and hit the insured vehicle, which was pushed at and hit a pedestrian. The Umbrella paid the full $1,000,000 limits to the pedestrian.
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