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Rental Requirements, Policies and Procedures:
• Credit: A complete check of credit history will be made. Applicant must have favorable credit rating. No current collections, judgements, bankruptcies or liens, less than 5 years old, are acceptable.
• No Unlawful Detainers within 5 years.
• Any application will not be approved if any felony conviction, gross misdemeanor or conviction involving drugs or firearms is found
• A prospective Resident must meet the minimum income requirements:
      1 person must have a gross monthly income of at least 2.5X the monthly rent
      2 persons must have a gross monthly income of at least 3X the monthly rent
      3 persons must have a gross monthly income of at least 3.5X the monthly rent

Income must be verified with pay stub and/or signed verification of employment with sufficient history to substantiate the likelihood of continued employment.

 The prospective resident may substitute Section 8 for the income requirement by submitting written approval from Section 8 with the application which should include the monthly dollar amount guaranteed.
Lease Terms:
• 12 Month term minimum
• Must be 18 years of age to contract for lease
Occupancy Limits:
• Up to 1 persons are allowed plus 2 adults; each additional person added will require $75 added to the monthly rent.
The Application Process:
• All information provided on the application form must be complete and correct or we will be unable to process the application. If we are unable to verify any portion of the application, this is basis for rejection.
• All of our residents are required to provide, along with this application, a copy of their driver’s license or state ID and their most recent pay-stub or previous year’s tax return, for their file.
Other Policies:
• Pets: No pets are allowed unless approved on lease and subject to $15 a month charge per pet.
• The full Security Deposit payment is required at the time of Application. The first month rent is due prior to move in. The security deposit and first month rent must be paid in the form of a cashier’s check or money order.
Property Address: 1010 Watchler Ave Clara City MN 56222
Rent: Residents agree to electronically pay rent in the form of money transfer to KG Rentals bank account and ARRIVE by the FIFTH (5th) day of the month due to bank account- otherwise Debit or Credit card transfer as a secondary means of payment.
Utilities: Residents agree to pay Electrical services for unit
Snow and Grass Removal and Landscaping: Covered by landlord in rent agreement
Appliances: Owners may from time to time provide appliances to be used by Residents such as but not limited to: Refrigerator, Stove, Dishwasher, Garbage Disposal, Clothes Washer and Dryer, Humidifier, Dehumidifier, Fans (including ceiling fans), Vacuum Cleaner, etc. These are provided for Resident’s convenience and included in the rent.
Insurance: Owner’s hazard insurance DOES NOT cover Residents belongings. Resident is STRONGLY urged to purchase RENTER’S INSURANCE in the event of fire, burglary, storm damage, etc. Paragraph 25, of the Standard Lease applies to ENTIRE PREMISES.
Guests: PREMISES is to be lived in regularly ONLY by those persons listed on the RENTAL AGREEMENT. Resident agrees to have Guest’s spend NO MORE than seven (7) evenings in any calendar month, of which NO MORE than four (4) evenings spent by any one (1) person. If Guest’s exceed this number, Resident is in violation of lease and agrees to pay $100 per person, per evening as liquidated damages. Owner does NOT waive his/her right to evict by charging liquidated damages and reserves the right to evict at his/her option. If Owner or Manager questions compliance with this provision, and upon written notice to Resident, Resident may be required to REGISTER guests in advance.
Minor repairs and Maintenance: The Standard Lease, Residents are expected to maintain property to the current condition that date of move in accured. Resident warrants that any work or repairs performed by Resident will be undertaken only if he/she is competent and qualified to perform it. Resident will be totally responsible for all activities to assure that work is done in a safe manner which will meet all the applicable codes and statutes. Resident further warrants that he/she will be accountable for any mishaps and/or accidents resulting from such work, and will hold the Owner/Manager free from harm, litigation, or claims of any other person. In the event repairs are needed beyond the competence of the Resident, Resident is urged to contact the Owner/Manager.
Storage: No goods or materials which could cause a fire hazard or would increase fire risk are allowed on the premises and Resident is responsible for any loss or damage resulting from such activity. There will be No Storage of toys, bicycles, tires, or any other personal items outside, in the yard or on the driveway. Such items should also not be stored in areas of the building that would create a safety hazard (for example a fire escape route, next to exit doors, etc.).Food is to be stored in airtight, rodent proof containers only.
Parking: Residents agree to keep a maximum of 2 vehicles on premises if property has a 1 car garage and 3 vehicles if property has a 2 car garage. These vehicles must be both operable and currently licensed. No inoperable vehicles are allowed on premises. Any repairs taking longer than 1 day are to be done inside garage. No storage of RV’s, trailers, boats, etc. without WRITTEN permission.
Trash: Trash is to be bagged in plastic and put in dumpster only. The Trash service is covered by the rent agreement.
Locks: No locks may be changed or added on any door without WRITTEN permission from the Owner/Manager. Owner/Manager is to be provided duplicate keys for all locks so installed at Resident’s expense within 24 hours of installation.
When hanging pictures: Use small nails. No holes in woodwork, doors or cabinets.
Smoke Detectors: Check your smoke detectors monthly. If you don’t hear a beep, put in a new battery if battery operated or call the Manager.
Smoking: If you smoke, do it outside the building. Please be sure to extinguish the cigarette, cigar or pipe. Do not throw cigarette butts anywhere on the premises, (especially in the yard or near the doorways.)
Abandonment: If Resident abandons the property and gives evidence of that abandonment by actions such as moving out and leaving residence unoccupied, and/or terminating utility services during the term of the lease, that shall constitute breach of tenancy and termination by the Resident of this Agreement.
Association Bylaws & Covenants: Resident agrees to read and abide by Association rules of conduct during tenancy. If association gives oral or written complaint about Resident behavior for not following Association guidelines for conduct, this constitutes a breach of agreement and Landlord may evict Resident. Resident also agrees to pay for any costs incurred by Landlord from Association or Legal action taken against Landlord due to Resident.
Termination: All parties agree that termination of this Agreement prior to termination date, including Resident giving improper notice, REGARDLESS OF CAUSE, will constitute breach of tenancy and all security deposits shall be forfeited in favor of Owner as liquidated damages.
Priority of Attachment over (Basic) Lease: When and if the terms of the (Basic) Lease are DIFFERENT from the terms in this Attachment, the terms of this Attachment shall take priority over the terms of the (Basic) Lease.
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